Professor of Computer and Information Science

University of Ljubljana
Faculty of Computer and Information Science
Večna pot 113, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
franc.solina (at)
My short CV / My 150 words CV

Dipl.Ing. (1979) and M.S. (1982) in Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Ph.D. in Computer and Information Science (1987), University of Pennsylvania, GRASP Lab,
Dissertation: Shape recovery and segmentation with deformable part models (1987)
My interests:
Computer Vision:
Volumetric models: recovery of superquadrics (1990), segmentation of superquadrics (1997), book on superquadrics (2000), range image registration (2003), recognition of superquadrics (2004)
3D documentation in under-water archeology: overview (East Adriatic sea) (2013), Roman barge in Ljubljanica river (2014), sarcophagi (Island Brač) (2015), Early watercraft initiative (2015)
Color-based applications: face detection (2003), face detection (2003), rock identification (2015)
Human-computer interface: remote video observation (1998), audience measurement (2013), virtual museum (2014), dynamic anamorphosis (2014), eye contact in videoconferencing (2017)
Air transport applications: meteo data from aircraft (2013), learning aircraft performances (2016)
Sign language: sign language dictionary (2001), sign language dictionary on the web (2013), Slovenian sign language web dictionary
Music visualization: visualization of concurrent tones (2010)
Interactive art installations: 15 seconds of fame (2004), piano crossing (2011), interactive puzzle (2015), virtually enhanced stone sculpture (2016), my YouTube channel,
Direct carving of stone and wood sculpture: my board on Pinterest (2012 - ), virtually enhanced stone sculpture (2016)
Hobbies: reading, gardening, skiing, sailing, scuba diving

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